Dream Journal

Dream post

I dream a lot. As a kid I was able to fly in my dreams and I often had to do so because for some reason I was always being chased by hungry lions and tigers. I usually managed to escape and what I liked most about my abilities was that I could take people with me and save them. So I was a bit of a heroine in my dreams, haha. When I was tired of flying I would somehow often end up holding on to a somewhat unstable chandelier. At times I can more or less control my dreams and while sleeping I think „ok, this is just a dream, use logic“ and it has saved me a couple of times.

Even nowadays I am still being chased frequently in my dreams but now it‘s by dinosaurs (have always been fascinated by them), zombies or psycho killers. But the most frequent dream is that I have to hide people to keep them safe. Eventually soldiers come and try to kill us, so we have to flee. I guess that dream stems from reading a lot about German history and I often find myself thinking „What would I have done? Would I have been brave enough to join the resistance?“ They are the most horrible dreams connected to a high level of fear. Sometimes I get so frightened that I wake up and I actually sit upright in my bed. However, aside from these rather nasty nightmares (common in stress situations or winter time), I do have funny and very weird dreams too.

I guess one of the most memorable ones is the following: I am in a room and there are all kinds of creatures there. In the corner there is a polar bear chained up. Then there is a mother seal who for some reason had to sell her baby seal to the polar bear. He is already pulling on the chain hard to reach the baby seal and is already scratching the tail of the baby seal. But I cannot let this happen so I run for the baby seal, snatch it up and jump out of the window, only then realising that we are the top of a skyscraper. It comes in really handy then that I manage to turn into a King Kong-like gorilla and jump from floor to floor until we are safely on the ground. It is one of my happy end dreams and although it is weird af it was a good one. No matter how weird, frightening, semi-realistic my dreams are, I have always found dreams extremely fascinating since it reveals so much about the depth of the human psyche – our fears, our issues (sometimes we don‘t even know something is bothering us until we dream it), character traits and those we aspire to.