I wanted to keep the tone of this blog nice and light for now. Just a few maybe funny posts here and there about how I find myself in the weirdest sort of situations and so on. I wanted to encourage people to just be theirselves – unapologetically, and to be happy. But i decided … More Sleepless

Sleeping Beauty

Let me begin with one of my most embarrassing moments of all time. Just before my final exams at uni I decided to move into a shared flat with my friend Ally. I had been living in the same house just on another floor and had the flat all to myself. So I notified the … More Sleeping Beauty

Ready for Take-off

I honestly can’t remember how long my sister Fiona has been bugging me to start writing a blog. So here it is! Congratulations! I bet the entire internet has been waiting for this day! Though I definitely have a tendency to overshare (I swear it’s oral diarrhea – just wildly uncontrollable) in “normal” conversations, I … More Ready for Take-off