About me

Bite me

Oh, don’t we just all love self-descriptions?! So, here it goes! I am a headstrong but sweet, stubborn but generous, naïve but clever, emotional but strong, pushy but kind, introverted and extroverted, funny, weird and interesting literature-nerd, feminist, travel-junkie, nature-lover and animal-friend. Oh and did I mention: Extremely humble!
I love adventures, new things, music, art, want to try new sports (especially when I’m finally a size 0*), learn new languages and instruments and basically want to see and do everything. Sometimes I get held back by my moody predisposition/depression but generally I am a very sociable person. My sister forced me to write a blog, so please direct your complaints towards her. I am and always will be completely innocent!

I aim at providing the perfect playground for psychologists and psychiatrists…I dare you to analyse me!

*never going to happen