My futile attempts at art

So my sister Fiona is an artist. She was always sketching, drawing and painting the most amazing pictures. It was a little frustrating since I completely lack that artistic talent but I believe that even if you are not good at something you should do it if it makes you happy. For instance, I always sing. It doesn’t necessarily sound nice but I really enjoy singing and that is reason enough to do it. I am extremely happy that my sister ended up pursuing her passion and became a tattoo artist. Now lets compare her artwork to mine πŸ˜€

While Fiona effortlessly created the following artwork,

I decided to choose good old “Paint” to express myself and created the following “Fragte and me”-miniseries of my time with Fiona’s dog Fraggle, who sadly passed away last year:

I was watching Fraggle at the time as my sister was on a vacation and each day I sent her one of my adventures with Fraggle and it was fun.

Watching a scary movie
Watching a scary movie
At the laundromat
At the laundromat
In a field full of poppies
In a field full of poppies
On the tram
On the tram

So do your thing and do what makes you happy and if your pictures don’t look like this

Collection of some of Fionas drawings

just enjoy what you are doing and do it for yourself. Life is too short to be perfect at everything!

And should you be wondering what my beautiful model looked like here she is through Fiona’s lense

and here she is captured with my photographic expertise πŸ˜€

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